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Brook & Hearn agree time to move up to 154

  After a devastating loss saturday night by Errol Spence Jr in his hometown Sheffield, Both brook & hearn said in post fight interview its time for the fighter to move up to light middleweight. We all know Kell Brook is a huge welterweight and usually kills himself in 12 weeks ca ...

Spence proved he is the "Truth"

Errol Spence jr on saturday night proved to all his critics he is the "Truth". Truth in terms of him being legit, Truth in terms of going to lion's den and scoring a knockout win and stopping the champion in his own backyard in front of 30,000 loyal Sheffield supporters. Spence has ...

Broner vs Garcia is a marquee matchup for July 29th

So what a year 2017 has been for boxing and it just keeps getting better with another Marquee matchup being announced today by Showtime Boxing featuring two of sports young superstars Adrien the Problem Broner & Mikey Garcia location TBA on July 29th on Showtime Boxing. The weight ...

Mayweather officially starts training camp for Mcgregor

Floyd Mayweather officially kick started his training camp for his upcoming bout again MMA fight Conor Mcgregor to be held under boxing rules where Mayweather is undefeated in his professional career, where as Mcgregor has 0 professional boxing fights.  Mayweather did 6 rounds of ...

WardKovalev2 has no buzz, Who should be blamed?

So its fight week and no one seems to be talking about it or excited about it the rematch between "Andre Ward" & "Sergey Kovalev". It wasnt like KovalevWard1 was a bad was actually a very good competitive fight and had a controversial decision that had people ...

Mayweather Mcgregor - The Money Grab

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor was officially announced 3 days ago and it took the world by storm, from every major media outlet to social media be it anyone and everyone... its the talk of the town. Mayweather genius marketer knows how to hype his fights and that formula was succe ...

Pacquaio chasing the ghost of Manny

Manny Pacman Pacquaio is back and no one really know when, against who and why? Well the answer is July 1st against Jeff Horn an Australian undefeated boxer from Brisbane. The fight touted as "The Battle of Brisbane" and with more than 55,000 people expected in the audience, apparently ...

Manny Pacquaio was setup by Bob Arum, WBO - Video Proof - Corruption

Manny Pacquaio controversially lost to Australian fighter Jeff Horn with many boxing fans around the world calling it one of the boxing's biggest robberies. Lets break everything down and prove how this whole thing was a setup and Pacquaio was being used as a bait. Bob Arum, M ...

Buyer Beware - Buyer regret is the most likely outcome for Mayweather vs Mcgregor

Ok so we are almost a week away from the spectacle of Mayweather a 49-0 all time great boxer vs a MMA fighter who has 0 professional fights in Conor McGregor. With all the hype & promotion, the event itself does have a lot of momentum and PPV numbers are expected to break records world- ...

Andre Ward retires from boxing! Tribute to him

Andre Ward P4P #1 fighter in the world coming of his biggest win in a astonishing fashion by stopping the Krusher in the rematch retires from professional boxing. Ward an US Olympian, Gold Medalist, two weight division champion who hasn't lost a fight since he was 11 decides to walk away fro ...
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