Andre Ward retires from boxing! Tribute to him

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Andre Ward P4P #1 fighter in the world coming of his biggest win in a astonishing fashion by stopping the Krusher in the rematch retires from professional boxing. Ward an US Olympian, Gold Medalist, two weight division champion who hasn't lost a fight since he was 11 decides to walk away from the sport. Talking to ESPN Ward said "You know it when its time to walkoff, He felt that inside. With all the wear and tear of training camps and fights he doesn't feel like he could continue". Ward has been in the fight game for 23 years now, If he feels its time to walk away he should. As they say usually boxing retires fighters very rarely do we see fighters retiring themselves. Ward is a rare exmpale of fighter walking away at the top.

So where does Ward rank in this era? Is he an all time great? Well Ward would easily rank among Top 3-5 of this era behind Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquaio. Ward had a sensational career, Cleaning up 168 division, winning a very competitive SuperSix tournament, fighting the best guy at 175 and stopping him in the rematch will be ranked as Ward's defining moment. Was there more potential? Yes, Absolutely, he is walking away from millions of dollars and a chance to win a title at cruiserweight, heavyweight & as well as ruling the P4P rankings for years to come. A big PPV fight against GGG would have been great for Ward's career & stardom but nonetheless Ward will be remembered as a great tactician, a very intelligent fighter with a great ring IQ. As fans we always wish more fights from a fighter, we fans are greedy at times but respect to Ward if he has decided to walk away we should all pay our respect to the Great Andre Ward who had a great career and did well for him and his family. 

We wish Andre Ward the very best, looking forward to seeing him behin the mic where he articulates as good as fights.



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