Buyer Beware - Buyer regret is the most likely outcome for Mayweather vs Mcgregor

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Ok so we are almost a week away from the spectacle of Mayweather a 49-0 all time great boxer vs a MMA fighter who has 0 professional fights in Conor McGregor. With all the hype & promotion, the event itself does have a lot of momentum and PPV numbers are expected to break records world-wide but the fight itself NO. Mayweather a defensive genius, some boxing experts including me feel he wont be even touched in this fight as perhaps will have his easiest professional fight ever. Conor cannot even shadow box forget about boxing or fighting one of the best. He looks amateur, slow and out of sync in every boxing move he performs. Looking at the media workout he had, he looked slow and often gassed out after throwing few slow combinations on the bag.

I know the fight week hype will be crazy and on a Saturday evening when you have nothing else to do you might be tempted to hit the "Buy" button on the remote and pay $99 bucks for the PPV, but let me warn you do not expect a competitive fight at all. The fight will play out exactly as follows -

Round 1 - Mayweather moves around, studies Conor's movement, Floyd lands few jabs and some right hands, Conor swings widely and misses all. Floyd Round

Round 2- Floyd starts to stand in front of Conor, and starts counter punching, anytime Conor's comes close, Floyd will clinch him.

Round 3 - Same story

Round 4 - Conor is getting frustrated and the crowd is booing. 

Round 5 - Floyd is outboxing but not pressing the action

Round 6 - Floyd starts to break down Conor, but doesnt take any risk. Still moving, hitting & clinching.

Round 7 to Round 9 - we can expect Conor's corner to stop the fight as he is taking punishment and not landing at all.

So basically Floyd will toy with him and all the one's buying the fight in anticipation of Floyd getting beat up will be hugely disappointed as Conor wont be able to land anything.

Tickets sales are disappointing for the fights, still over 4000 tixs availbale, lets see how the PPV number do. So buyer beware, it might end up being a regretful purchase. 

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