Manny Pacquaio was setup by Bob Arum, WBO - Video Proof - Corruption

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Manny Pacquaio controversially lost to Australian fighter Jeff Horn with many boxing fans around the world calling it one of the boxing's biggest robberies. Lets break everything down and prove how this whole thing was a setup and Pacquaio was being used as a bait. Bob Arum, Manny Pacquaio's promoter and Top Rank ceo laid down the ground work for this setup. He in late 2016 brought up the name Jeff Horn to face Manny. No one ever heard about Jeff Horn, even Manny himself never heard about it but Arum kept on insisting Jeff Horn. Bob ignored all the other names that wanted to fight Manny including Keith Thurman, Amir Khan, Adrien Broner stating that they are not big enough names but Jeff Horn was a BIG name? For the fight to take place in Australia? For what? Manny still one of the biggest names in boxing, he could have fought any of Al Haymon guys in Vegas and would have easily generated the same or a bigger purse he got for Jeff Horn fight. But why didn't Arum let him? Why even when Michael Konze, Manny's manager made a deal with Amir Khan fight in Dubai, Bob arum blocked the fight and said maybe later this year saying Dubai fight not possible yet. Ok Dubai fight wasn't possible but the Australian fight was? The truth is Bob Arum has promoting rights for Jeff Horn and he wanted to put his  own guy in against Manny, none of the other guys like Khan, Broner, Thurman as they are not signed with Arum so he wouldn't allow Manny to fight them.

Now to the fight and the setup, Manny was the A side and with all the power A side fighters have, Manny looked like he was shortchanged from the get go. Arum along with Duco events and WBO picked up a referee who never in his life before managed a championship fight of this caliber, he was unknown to the boxing world, never seen or heard of. And what did the referee do? He let Horn be dirty, Horn head butted Manny thru out the fight, elbowed, smothered Manny and without even getting a single warning? Really how is that possible? Now lets come to the judges, 2 American and 1 Argentinean judge who has 117-111 for Horn, they have never judged a championship fight of this caliber before. Also two the three judges were famous for giving controversial scores in the past and often been reported to commissions. But Bob Arum, the main promoter of Manny Pacquaio, chose those judges, referee? Why? Answer is simple it was all a setup for Manny to fail.

Manny's contract with Bob Arum is coming to an end, with Konze even saying before the fight that they might not extend the contract with TopRank and this wasn't going well with Arum. He wanted to cash out and make a new star so he could continue his promotional company. Arum immediately after the fight in post fight conference said the fight was close, he scored it for horn but it could have gone either way and when reporters asked him about rematch clause, he said lets not talk about the rematch right now. saying maybe Manny should consider retirement. Ok makes all sense, he setup Manny to fail, he got a new star in Jeff Horn for whom he has promotional rights and now he wants Manny to retire.Adding on further Arum wanted to match Jeff Horn against Terence Crawford, the other fighter from his stable. All dots are connecting perfectly for Arum, this is what he wanted for past 1 year. He wanted Manny to lose so he could cash out on him.

Pacquaio landed in Philippines and spoke to the small group of reporters and said he felt like he was setup, post fight during bible study, one the guys from Manny entourage said that Manny was in tears, he was very hurt and felt this was a setup.

Video Proof of WBO knew the winner even before the fight scores were read. As you can see the WBO president right behind the referee in the video, approraching Jeff horn with  the belt so he could strap him, you can clearly see Michael Buffer still hasnt finished reading the scorecards.

All this lead to one thing. Manny Pacquaio was setup and it was all corruption.



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