Mayweather Mcgregor - The Money Grab

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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor was officially announced 3 days ago and it took the world by storm, from every major media outlet to social media be it anyone and everyone... its the talk of the town. Mayweather genius marketer knows how to hype his fights and that formula was successfully copied by Conor Mcgregor who is a UFC MMA fighter and by brining the two together its bound to be a windfall at the box office. But the real question is, Is this even a competitive matchup? Is it even gone be competitive for 1 round? With the best boxer of this generation with the record of 49-0 against a guy who is 0-0? The answer is NO. Mayweather is a genius defensive technician and masterful boxer, his motto is to hit and not get hit as he always say famously he is the master of the sweet science. On the other hand Conor Mcgregor who as never boxed a round in his life professionally, has already 3 losses in MMA latest one coming from Nate Diaz who has amateur boxing experience, Conor was dropped in that fight multiple times by sub par Nate Diaz and finally choked out. To expect Conor to even win 1 round or the fight to even be competitive is a wishful thinking. Mayweather has beaten over 26 world Champions, Olympic gold medalists, hall of famers who haven been boxing since they were little. There are casuals and UFC fans out there that believe Conor with his aggressive style can land and probably hurt Mayweather, Well not true. Pacquaio unanimously is the best offensive boxer of this generation with landing the most combinations according to compubox in last decade and having most knockdowns in last decade and What happened?  In the Pacquaio fight what did Floyd do, he completely neutralized Pacquaio's offense to a point where Pacquaio landed his lowest punch count in his career. Floyd grabbed/held as soon as Pacquaio came close to striking distance, he controlled the range, setup his offense behind his long jab and ran circles all night. So how can anyone think Conor who has no boxing pedigree can even land or even win a minute of the fight? its like a famous street basketball player challenges Lebron James the greatest basketball player to play 1-on-1. If the fight was in octagon, instead of the boxing ring, Conor would annihilate Floyd, completely destroy him as Mayweather has no business in MMA, he never trained to learn choking, submission, kicking...same way Conor has never trained the discipline of boxing. Having two hands and wildly swinging it, doesn't give you a chance. He can train all he wants for 9 weeks, he can talk all he wants... its not enough even to win a single minute against a professional who has done this all his life.

Its unfortunate this event is taking all the attention away from meaningful and competitive fights in the upcoming schedule like Ward-Kovalev2, the fight between top 2 pound for pound for fighters in the world and upcoming true super fight between Canelo Alvarez and GGG which is guaranteed action fight..We all are gone be suckers and gone be paying to watch exhibition between Floyd-Conor, expecting an action fight, expecting Conor to land one big punch, hoping maybe Floyd would suddenly change his style and give the fans an action fight at age of 40. The answer to all this is NO, NO. Floyd is too smart, too savvy, he is not gone risk one bit or his health or his record, that guy breathes defense and he will run circles around Conor and cash out a $200 million payday and retire for good. He doesn't care about fans, when has he? The public wanted Pacquaio fight and was asking for it since 2009 and he ran and ran and ultimately made the fight in 2015, 6 years late. Pacquiao by then had slowed down and was deeply invested  into his political career, and even then he gave the fans a snooze fest. Floyd only cares about Money, thats why he calls himself Money Mayweather. With PPV price expected to be $100, the event would generate close to $400 million or more but it will not be a will be a circus, Will i watch it? YES. But i already know what to expect, Do not expect it be Tyson-Holyfield, Leanord-Hears, Hagler-Hears, Ali-Fraizer. This would be entertainment, the buildup would be a circus between two of the best trash talkers in the combat sports that's it. The press conferences will be more entertaining than the fight itself. Buyer beware...its a Money Grab of the highest order.

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