Mayweather officially starts training camp for Mcgregor

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Floyd Mayweather officially kick started his training camp for his upcoming bout again MMA fight Conor Mcgregor to be held under boxing rules where Mayweather is undefeated in his professional career, where as Mcgregor has 0 professional boxing fights.  Mayweather did 6 rounds of sparring, mitts works, heavy bag and speed bag. Though fight is not officially signed, its rumored to be on August 26th 2017 at the Tmobile arena in Las Vegas. Mayweather being a savy promoter he is targeting a date before CaneloGGG so he gets all the PPV money possible. Lets see how the fight does on the box office, with casuals loving the idea of the fight but many hardcores are turned off by it. Floyd doesnt really care about fans, he cares about money and as they if it makes dollars it makes sense. So it look like the fight is inevitable. Choice is yours Buy or Boycott.

Most recently the Golden Boy Oscar Dela Hoya urged fans to boycott this money grab as he think it would tremendously hurt the sport, Mcgregor honestly has no shot, he has never fought more than 5 rounds in his professional career and will look amateur against one of the best boxers of all time. Floyd will hit him will straight right all day and might he stop him by 2 or 3 rounds but the payday for Conor would be huge and thats why the fight is gone take place. its all about the money, its upto the fans to choose what they wish to do but dont expect this to be a competitive or meaningful fight, the buildup will be better than the fight, speak from your wallet Fans!



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