Pacquaio chasing the ghost of Manny

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Manny Pacman Pacquaio is back and no one really know when, against who and why? Well the answer is July 1st against Jeff Horn an Australian undefeated boxer from Brisbane. The fight touted as "The Battle of Brisbane" and with more than 55,000 people expected in the audience, apparently the fight is a big deal in Australia. The question remains Why? Why is Pacquaio still fighting, what is left to prove? He is boxing's only 8 division title holder, fighter of the decade, Pound for Pound arguably Top 10 of all time. So why fight? Why risk his legacy & health? Well answer is simple Pacquaio is chasing the ghost of Manny, Manny the sensation that took the world by storm from 2006-2012, Where he was P4P no 1 fighter, PPV star, the facing of boxing, the true international superstar. Any superstar, when faced with downfall usually finds it hard to absorb the changing climate of their stardom, the crowds start to shrink, the media starts to disappear. It has happened to best of the best, Ask Roy Jones, Mike Tyson, Evander the tailend of their careers they became shadow of themselves. Pacquaio still is boxing biggest international star but his days as the PPV king and face of boxing are over.

With the embarrassing loss to Floyd Mayweather in May 2015, the Pacquaio bandwagon basically evaporated. The fans had enough of it and said final good bye, the proof of that is his next two fights basically tanked at the PPV Box office neither of them breaking 400,000 Buys.Manny being a competitive person, the loss to Mayweather haunts him inside and reports from his inner circle are that he really wants that fight bad. But it seems impossible at this stage. Mayweather smart business man is fighting an MMA fighter and has no intention of getting in the ring with any boxer anymore. And after the circus of the fight in August many believe Mayweather will forever retire for good. So that leaves Manny no credible opponents, Well he can fight the young guns out there but the money isn't there anymore for Manny. The fight would tank on PPV and also carry huge risk of losing and hurting legacy further. Manny with his mind occupied in politics as a senator, he is basically chasing the ghost that once was The Great Manny Pacquaio.


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