Support of fan to be repaid by Great Victory: Kessler

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The former five-time World Champion Mikkel Kessler was expected to return to the ring in November after his retirement but his comeback has been delayed due to infection with Lyme Borreliosis - a bacterial infection spread to humans by infected ticks.

Whilst in preparation for comeback, the Danish boxing legend was struck down by a mystery illness. Lyme Borreliosis infection was confirmed after multiple test. The 38 year old is expected to make a full recovery after being on a course of antibiotics upon being released from hospital. He is yet to resume training as the infection symptoms still persists.

Kessler revealed that he started feeling unwell about a month ago. Blood tests were unable to confirm the cause of his illness. Spinal fluid test showed positive for the infection. He is surprised and unsure about how he caught the infection but is thankful that the cause of infection has been caught early and hopes that there is no long term effect.

He is disappointed due to comeback delay caused by this infection. He hopes to be back in the ring by early next year and expresses his gratitude towards his fans for their patience and support.

In the past numerous fighters have suffered from various injuries and illness but to be out of the ring due to such infection is one of a kind says promoter Kalle Sauerland. Kessler’s match is expected for March 2018. The venue of much awaited big event and his opponent will be announced shortly.


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