WardKovalev2 has no buzz, Who should be blamed?

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So its fight week and no one seems to be talking about it or excited about it the rematch between "Andre Ward" & "Sergey Kovalev". It wasnt like KovalevWard1 was a bad fight....it was actually a very good competitive fight and had a controversial decision that had people talking about the decision for months after the fight and everyone wanted to see the rematch. So the rematch gets announced and they hold press conferences and everything went under the mat, the question is who should be blamed for this lackluster buildup? It seems Roc Nation Andre Ward's promoter is in the lead this time around as they have the A side fighter and listening to Kathy Duva Kovalev's promoter she expressed her thoughts on how Andre and Roc Nation wanted to go about the promotion and they had excellent ideas they wanted to excecute...hmmmmmm. Where are those ideas? When will they be executed? Its a sad story that such a good fight between top fighters has no buzz around it. With no other major sporting events going around this fight should have been the talk of the town. 

The first KovalevWard fight did around 160k PPV buys which was considered average but looking at the buzz for the 2nd fight i doubt it would even break or match 1st fight's numbers. The blame solely falls on the promotional companies and how the fight has been marketed. The cancelling of Face-Off and lack of ESPN appearances also contributed to lack of buzz. Roc Nation being new to boxing business are still not fully functional and don't have the necessary ground work, Kathy Duva did a fairly decent job last time around and got decent amount of hype and buzz around the fight. We have to wait and see how the event turns out on box office. The fight is scheduled for June 17th at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas distributed by HBO PPV.


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