WardKovalev2 has no buzz, Who should be blamed?

So its fight week and no one seems to be talking about it or excited about it the rematch between "Andre Ward" & &qu…

Mayweather officially starts training camp for Mcgregor

Floyd Mayweather officially kick started his training camp for his upcoming bout again MMA fight Conor Mcgregor to be held un…

Broner vs Garcia is a marquee matchup for July 29th

So what a year 2017 has been for boxing and it just keeps getting better with another Marquee matchup being announced today by Sho…

Spence proved he is the "Truth"

Errol Spence jr on saturday night proved to all his critics he is the "Truth". Truth in terms of him being legit, Truth …

Brook & Hearn agree time to move up to 154

  After a devastating loss saturday night by Errol Spence Jr in his hometown Sheffield, Both brook & hearn said…
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